Stag Ideas

Heres some awesome ideas for your stag t shirts or polo shirts.


Get the Stag a Pink T Shirt or Polo Shirt to stand out


Make the Stag wear a CAMO T SHIRT


Add awesome names and numbers be creative or use one of our Stag Themes for ideas


Choose famous footballers names and numbers.

Top Gun names are popular too, Maverick, Slider, Iceman etc.

Rude names work well - BEN DOVER 69, MIKE HUNT 21 etc






Stag Night Ideas

This section is related to stag ideas and suggests some cool stag themes

Need a quick fix for your stag night? Choose one of our super stag night themes then order your stag t shirts or stag accessories. In a rush? Dont worry we offer super fast delivery on our stag t shirts and stag polo shirts by courier service or royal mail special delivery. Have them delivered to your home or work or even to your hotel or venue. Order in advance to get great discounts. Contact us now for a fast free quote. 2017 is going to be a great year for Stag Parties and whether you are having a stag night in the uk or abroad we are confident we can help out. Make sure you book with

Stag Night Facts and Figures

One internet survey reveals these destinations as the most popular-

Top 5 stag destinations

Las Vegas, Prague, Dublin Amsterdam, Blackpool

Stag Night Party Games

Why not go for Stag Night Dare T Shirts. Simply come up with a list of dares for you and your stag entourage and we can print them onto t shirts or polo shirts for you. This stag night party game will run all night until a winner is crowned.


Stag Night Pranks

Stitch up the stag with a pink t shirt or pink polo shirt. Really give him a good send off as you leave him taped up somewhere.


Stag Night Videos

Take footage and post to you tube and facebook. Show off your great stag t shirts online so your friends can grab theirs when its their turn.


Honeymoon Destinations

Planning is essential as well as planning the stag night with the boys theres the wedding and Honeymoon to consider. Take a look at these hotspots Dubai, Barbados, New York, Maldives, Thailand, South Africa, St Lucia, Bahamas, Bali, Las Vegas, Jamaica


Stag Night Essentials


Here we have combined a cool list of stag essentials


Cigars, Vodka, Mobile Phone, Ipod, hip flask, pen, sat nav, Lager, Bitter, Whiskey, Map, Compass, Stag T Shirt, Stag Night Antlers, Borat Mankini, Yard of Ale, Stag Night Polo shirts, Address of Strip Club, Bars, Nightclub, Lap Dancing Bar and Hotel, 118 118 Stag Vests with moustache and wig. Sun glasses, 


Stag Activities


AK47 shooting, Ten pin bowling, Clay Pigoen Shooting, Bar Crawl, 5 a side football, Sunbathing,


Stag Destinations

Please email us your stag stories and stag destination information and we will publish it online for you !

Our mission is to be the best stag night website on the internet providing a t shirt printing service and selling stag night accessories as well as being a one stop shop for any and all information relating to Stag Nights.

Stag night in Bolton

Bolton has loads to offer at night. Along bradshawgate there are loads of bars and pubs catering for all. There is a good range of restaurants and kebab and pizza shops. There is a subway at the end of bradshawgate so you can refuel and carry on drinking on your stag night. Don't forget to get your stag night t shirts from us well in advance. If football is your thing then the reebok stadium  is about six miles out of the town centre with good road and rail links. Taxis are plentiful in Bolton but prebook if it's a Friday or Saturday night. If your stag weekend has an eighties theme checkout  reflex bar and club. The bar below bl1 is worth a look also. The varsity bar also is a good starter with a student vibe and relaxed feel. The town has a good range of nightclubs for your stag night too.

Stag Weekend in Riga

Looking for sexy women on your stag weekend? This eastern european playground offers it all, Riga is in Latvia. The prices are unbelievably cheap, the daytime activities are fantastic – canoeing, shooting, military adventures and extreme 4x4 driving to name but a few, and the nightlife has really taken off in recent years. Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia, a major industrial, commercial, cultural and financial centre of the Baltics, and an important seaport, situated on the mouth of the Daugava. With 713,016 inhabitants (2009)[5] it is the largest city of the Baltic states and third-largest in the Baltic region, behind Saint Petersburg and Stockholm. Business and leisure travel to Riga have increased significantly in recent years due to improved infrastructure. Most tourists travel to Riga by air via Riga International Airport, the largest airport in the Baltic states, which was renovated and modernised in 2001 on the occasion of Riga's 800th anniversary.

Stag Weekend in Manchester 

With the opening of the Printworks in Manchester it has become a more popular stag night destination. It boasts excellent transport links with Victoria Train Station and Metrolink only a brief 2 minute walk away. Picadilly Train and Bus station provide good links to local and national towns and cities. The city has many pubs, bars and nightclubs as well as lapdancing and strip bars. The Northern Quarter boasts trendy bars with a relaxed upbeat atmosphere again only a 2 minute walk from the printworks. Manchester is welcoming of stag nights and there is a wide range of activities offerred. Hotels in the centre are plentiful to cater for your budget. Stag Activities inlcude watching football, casinos, cinema, bars and pubs, nightclubbing, 10 pin bowling.

Stag Nights in Las Vegas aka Sin City

Visit the worlds playground in style. This is the mecca for gambling, hotels, drinking and the ladies ohh yes you wont be disappointed. Grab our Stag Polo shirts and arrive in style. Make sure you watch The Hangover film first to show you how not to do it.

Stag Weekend in Amsterdam

Going Dutch? You had better get some orange stag t shirts or polo shirts for this trip. With cheap European air travel becoming the norm Amsterdam has become a more popular stag weekend venue. Holland is famous for its football team and lovely ladies and relaxed atmosphere in Amsterdam to sex and some drugs. Amsterdam has a chilled out coffee shop culture and a thriving sex industry. The red light district is an obvious pull for a group of stags and there is the dam square tourist area. Nightclubs and lapdancing and beer are in plenty supply. The best way of getting from Schiphol to their hotel or hostel, is taking the fast and cheap train that leaves every 10 minutes from just under the airport. But if you are arriving as part of a group, you might consider sharing a taxi instead. A taxi ride from the airport to most city hotels will cost around €40-50, and up to 4 people can ride for the same price. The train will cost around €4 each way, but if you happen to be staying a long distance from Centraal Station then you might be better off getting a cab.ayground in style. This is the mecca for gambling, hotels, drinking and the ladies ohh yes you wont be disappointed.










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